Artist Study #1 – 10.21.16

Beatrice Wood


Shallow Bowl
 Image result for beatrice wood Untitled Footed Bowl
  • March 3, 1893 – March 12, 1998
  • Born in San Francisco, California. Studied art and theater in a prestigious academy in Paris and continued acting in New York at the onset of WWI. Wood was involved in the Avant-Garde movement in the United States.
  • I like the type of glazes Wood used for her pieces. The glazes she chose really helped accentuate the shape and design of her artwork.
  • In the future, I will use Wood’s artwork as inspiration to use glazes meaningfully in my pieces to highlight certain parts of it.



Warren MacKenzie

Image result for warren mackenzie website  Image result for warren mackenzie website

Image result for warren mackenzie


  • Born February 16, 1924 in Illinois
  • Heavily influenced by traditional Japanese and Korean ceramics. Credited with bringing the Mingei Japanese style of pottery to Minnesota. Described his goal as the making of “everyday” pots.
  • I am inspired by the simple and clean designs MacKenzie employs in his artwork. His artwork looks very natural and not extremely excessive with the designs and colors he uses.
  • In my future artwork, I want to create simple and effective pieces that do not contain too many intricate details.



Aysha Peltz

Image result for aysha peltz

 Image result for aysha peltz







  • A Vermont-based studio potter and educator.
  • Has consistently exhibited across the country for over twenty years.
  • What I find most interesting about Peltz’s work is that she builds her pieces on basic shapes, and then adds different layers, textures, and patterns to them.
  • For my future ceramic pieces, I will try to begin with a simple design and further add detail after the basic shape has been created.

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