Japanese Tea Bowl


  • My Japanese Tea Bowl is a summer tea bowl. The bowl is fairly wide and open-topped, not narrow like a winter bowl.
  • My nature-related sprig represents mountains because my family and I enjoy being outdoors and hiking. In my stamp, I carved out a mountain design to imprint onto my sprig.
  • To represent a summer bowl, my tea bowl colors are Oatmeal Rust and Speckled Ivory because they are a lighter and fairly yellow color.
  • To create this bowl, I began by wedging and creating a pinch pot. After refining my pinch pot, I attached a foot created from a coil. Then, I attached my round sprig and imprinted my mountain design from my stamp.
  • By making this tea bowl, I learned the process of designing a Japanese tea bowl, and the idea of wabi sabi. Additionally,  I learned how to create a uniform thickness throughout my bowl.
  • For future projects, creating this tea bowl has allowed me to practice my glazing and refining skills.



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