Artist Study #2 – 11.18.16

Gail Kendall

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• Lives in Lincoln, Nebraska
• Influenced by European earthenware pottery and porcelain traditions from
the 13th through the 18th centuries.
• Primarily creates functional objects, such as dishes and serving bowls.
• I like how Kendall creates her work with a specific meaning and use, not
separating the art and culture behind her work.
• In the future, I would like to create functional pieces like Kendall has that can
be used on a daily basis.

Nicholas Bivins

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  • Originally from the California Bay Area.
  • Graduated from the University of Washington and Ohio University.
  • Bivins makes highly functional handmade objects with minimal aesthetics.
  • I am inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of Bivins’ creations. I really like the unique geometrical shape of his pieces.
  • For my future designs, I want to try to glaze my artwork in a way similar to how Bivins glazes his pieces. The simple way Bivins glazes his pieces is very visually effective.



Martha Grover


MarthaGrover2.jpgMartha Grover profile photo







  • Lives in Bethel, Maine.
  • Grover is a functional potter, creating thrown and altered porcelain pieces.
  • I really like how Grover creates some of her pieces in themed sets with a similar design and glaze color.
  • In the future, I would like to try and glaze and design my pieces in a subtle, yet meaningful way, similar to Grover’s work.



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