Holiday Relief Tile

Reference Tiles:


In the winter, a large group of my family and family friends visit Whistler or Sun Peaks during a school break. We rent a large cabin or multiple apartments in the mountains for a few days and go up to the mountains together, eat together, and are with one another all day. This is a fun tradition that we like to continue because it is a fun way for all of us to do something together to celebrate the holidays and the snow.


Pictures for Inspiration:


Thumbnail Sketches:



Final Relief Tile Sketch:




1. To create this piece, I began by outlining the mountains and the ground by carving out the clay. Then, I carved out the top of the mountains with carving tools. Lastly, I cut the shape of my house after using the slab roller to flatten out the excess clay I had. I slip and scored the house for attachment and followed by carving out the details of the house.

2. A challenge I encountered while working on this piece was from smoothing out the smaller areas I carved out. The smaller areas on my tile, such as the tops of the mountains, were very difficult to smooth.

3. While glazing my tile, I wish I would have used more glaze to more fully and smoothly cover my tile in glaze. While I wanted some parts to have pooled glaze, some parts had an uneven covering of glaze.

4. I think a strength of my piece is the distinct parts of my piece that are carved out, or are additions. It is clear to see where I added clay to my piece, and where I removed clay from my piece.



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