Artist Study #3 – 12.9.16

Margaret Bohls


  • Currently, Bohls is the Associate Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Bohls creates functional pottery while keeping in mind the volume of her piece and how the liquid flows out of the piece.
  • Bohls’ pieces carries a cultural and historical text. Many sources for her work originate from the history of ceramics.
  • I like the way Bohls has a specific historical theme in mind when creating her piece with a specific form, scale and color.
  • In the future, I will incorporate any handles, feet, and spouts as a part of the piece as opposed to an addition, similar to how Bohls does.


  • Bohls’ blog is used to share current events, shows and classes, her portfolio and artist statement, her cv, and her contact information.
  • Information about the process and inspiration of her work is contained in her blog.
  • She does not mention collaboration with other artists.
  • Evidence of selling her work at online and offline galleries and websites is shared.
  • Information about other social media links are not shown.
  • I think Bohls’ blog is fairly professional because all of her pictures are well done and make you want to know more about her as an artist and her work, and all of the information of her blog is clearly marked and divided. Although, the information on Bohls’ website about exhibitions and workshops have not been updated since 2013.


Sarah Barnard Blitz


  • Currently lives in New York.
  • Her pieces are metaphors for real experience within the deep woods of her imagination, connecting the forests of folk and fairy tales, spiritual and religious teachings, and legends and myths across cultures.
  • I like the metaphorical meaning of each of Blitz’s pieces.
  • In the future, I will try to curve and create lines in my pieces that would allow for an unique 3-D shape.


  • Blitz’s blog is used to share her portfolio and artist statement, her cv, and her contact information.
  • Information about her process, collaborations, other social media links, and evidence of selling her work is not shown.
  • There is information about her inspiration.
  • I do not think Blitz’s blog is very professional because important information that professional blogs do contain is left out. Although, the photos that are on Blitz’s blogs are well done and do make you want to know more about the artist and her work.


In Bohls’ pieces, she purposely uses contours, volumes, colors and surfaces of the objects to create her dimensional image whereas Blitz manipulates the inspiration she gets from natural imagery to sculpt her pieces. Utility is a primary concern of Bohls, and Blitz’s work is not intended to be used as a container. Bohls’ inspiration comes from her study of historical ceramics and decorative arts, and in contrast, Blitz acquires her inspiration from myth, legends, allegory, and fairy tales.



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