My Little Monster


1. In my monster, I included a horn, a tail, and a pair of fangs to add more attributes of my interpretation of a monster, as seen in my sketches and my plan. The inspiration for my smiling and happy monster came from the happy emoji with the squinty eyes and a smile. I included the bumps along the bottom of my monster to add texture.



2. I began my monster with a simple pinch pot to form the main body of my piece. I then slip and scored many additions to my piece to add the different characteristics of my monster. Lastly, I added the texture to the bottom of my piece.

3. When creating my piece, there were some additions I had to re-add on multiple times. As the clay dried and became leather hard, my monster’s tail especially, fell off or cracked along the seam. In the future, I will need to really ensure that I have used enough slip and blend my additions enough. Throughout my piece, I think I smoothed my piece out well and my piece was fairly even in thickness throughout.

4. When creating this piece, I definitely learned the importance of slip and score and blending to ensure any additions on my piece did not fall off.



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