Final Ceramics Narrative


Some skills I have learned in class include: using underglaze and high-fire glaze, creating a pinch pot and foot, and using a rib, slip and score, and a wire cutter.


To create this Japanese Tea Bowl, I used the technique of wedging and created a pinch pot. I used a rib for the sides and slip and scored a foot on the bottom. The foot was created from a coil. I used high-fire glaze for this piece.


To create this relief tile, I began with a tile that was created by a slab roller. I used the addition and subtraction of clay to create the relief for my tile. I slip and scored the house on the tile. I used a combination of low and high-fire glazes.


To create this monster, I wedged the clay and created a pinch pot. I used a rib for the sides, and slip and scored all of the additions on. I used wooden tools to carve in the texture. I finished by using underglaze and a clear coat on most of my piece.

  • I think my preferred “style” is modern in line and shape. I like ceramics pieces with clear lines and clean glazing. I like pieces that have been created with a slab roller rather than with a pinch pot technique.


Artist Statements

Japanese Tea Bowl

For my tea bowl, I found inspiration from the wabi sabi techniques that were shown in class. I chose to create a summer tea bowl, so my piece is fairly wide and open-topped, not narrow like a winter bowl. To create this bowl, I began by wedging and creating a pinch pot. After refining my pinch pot, I attached a foot created from a coil. Finally, I attached my round sprig and imprinted a mountain design from a stamp I previously created in class. To reflect the typical glazes of a summer tea bowl, I chose to use the colors of Oatmeal Rust and Speckled Ivory because they are a lighter and fairly yellow color. By creating this tea bowl, I learned the process of designing a Japanese tea bowl, and how to create a uniform thickness throughout my bowl. For future projects, creating this tea bowl has allowed me to practice my glazing and refining skills.

My Little Monster

The inspiration for my smiling and happy monster came from the happy emoji with the squinty eyes and a smile. As seen in my sketches and plan, the monster attributions I included were: a horn, a tail, and a pair of fangs. Additionally, I included the bumps along the bottom of my monster to add texture. To create this piece, I began with a simple pinch pot to form the main body of my piece. I then slip and scored many additions to my piece to add the different characteristics of my monster. Lastly, I added the texture to the bottom of my piece. I decided to use bright underglazes to glaze this piece to further highlight the happy emotion of my monster. By creating this piece, I learned the importance of proper slip and score and blending to ensure any additions on my piece did not fall off.


One thought on “Final Ceramics Narrative

  1. Serina – thank you for your excellent narrative post. You have grown so much duirng this semester, and I look forward to seeing the work you will produce as you learn more next semester!


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