Mad Hatter Design


My teapot represents the Red Queen and her playing cards. The intended height for my teapot is 6 inches with a diameter of 4 inches. The two mugs represent the large chess pieces shown at the beginning of the movie. The intended height for my mugs is 4 inches with an intended diameter size of 3.5 inches. The saucers represent Time’s Grand Clock. The intended diameter of the saucers is 5.5 inches.


My artwork represents the playing cards from Alice in Wonderland. To create my teapot, I used coils. First, I created coils and smoothed them out to create a cylindrical shape. I created additional coils for the top design of my teapot and a heart-shaped coil for the spout. The lid was created from a circular template. I used sgraffito to carve out the playing card designs. My final teapot was completed in three firings. The two teacups were created from slabs. I wrapped the slabs around a pvc pipe to create their cylindrical shape and cut round bases from excess clay. For my teapot and tea cups, I created the handles from pulled slabs of clay. I did not use sgraffito on my tea cups, I carved out the heart shapes and glazed them after the first firing.  The tea cups were also completed in three firings. By creating this piece, I learned how difficult it is to create a vessel from coils, and I also learned the importance of proper slipping and scoring to ensure that nothing falls off of your piece when firing.


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