Showcase Reflection


This paper piece by Sakura Kamioka is interesting to me because of the intricacy and detail that was required to create this piece. The detail within this piece can leave you loozing at it for hours. The colors chosen for this design really accentuate and complement the piece well. I like how bright and happy this piece makes the viewer feel. Lastly, the framing of this piece really enhances the professionality of it. When I look at this piece, I wonder how long it took to create it.



This piece by Kenny Koning is created with paper cones. To me, this piece looks like a bouquet of roses or flowers, and I find this artwork interesting because of the medium used to create this piece. I think it is very creative to use these paper cones to create something completely unrelated and abstract. I like how the simplicity and plain white color of this piece really highlights the shape of it. This piece is very thought-provoking because it makes me curious about the reasoning behind the creation of this piece as well as what the artist intended it to be.



This piece, “Whale vs. Life” by Tala Nayfeh is a foiled glass art. I found this artwork interesting because as I was reading the artist’s statement, I thought it was very interesting how she created an art that was three pieces but tied together to create one story.  I felt happy when I looked at this artwork because I liked the deeper meaning behind this piece; it made me think about how I thought about the world versus material objects. When I view this artwork, it makes me wonder what the artist’s inspiration behind the creation of this piece was.


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