Final Narrative


To make the first piece, I used a pvc pipe to create the cylinder. From a slab rolled by the slab roller, I wrapped it around a newspaper covered pvc pipe to create the cylindrical shape. To create the second piece, I created coils and blended them together to smooth the exterior out. Each coil was slip and scored individually and attached to the base. The swirls on the top were also created from coils. The third piece was created from a pinch point and several additions. Lastly, the fourth piece was thrown and trimmed on the wheel.

My preferred style are pieces produced that are modern in line and shape. I like modern pieces that are clean cut and simplistic in their shape.


Artist Statement: Reliquary Box

For this project, my inspiration came from the social justice issue of food insecurity. 1 in 6 people in America face hunger and 49 million Americans struggle to put food on the table. This was an issue I wanted to represent on my box. To create this piece, I used six slabs that I measured and cut from slabs rolled from a slab roller. To attach the slabs together to form a box, I used an angle cutter to cut each side of the slabs, then slip and scored each side together. After creating the entire box, I attached the additions, removed clay to create depth, and carved into the clay to create the designs of the box. For the glazing of this piece, I used all underglazes. To complete this project, I used a fettling knife, a slab roller, a rolling pin, a pin tool, wooden tools, an angle cutter, a ruler, and a rib. While making this piece, I learned the technique of using an angle cutter to form the edges of a box and attach its sides together. Overall, this piece was one of the more difficult pieces I have created this semester. This piece took a few weeks to complete, but it was fairly successful. In the future, if I were to create another box, I would form a smaller box. The box I created was fairly large so it was difficult to create designs that would use the entire surface of the box.


Artist Statement: Final Project

My final project is a three-piece set consisting of a cup, shallow bowl, and plate. My inspiration came from the pieces below. I liked how the pieces had a similar pattern and all used some form of a line as a design. I wanted to make my final project with a similar cohesive design. To form the cup, I used a pvc pipe to create the cylinder. The cylinder was then stretched out to form a wider cup. I used a fettling knife to cut the waves on the top and a glaze pen to create the vertical lines. The shallow bowl was created by a pinch pot. I also used a fettling knife to form the waves on the top and a black glaze pen for the horizontal lines. Lastly, the plate was created from a circular slab base. The slab was rolled from the slab roller, and a coil was slip and scored to it. The coil was then blended into the slab and I used wooden tools to form the waves on the top. All three pieces used the same variety of glazes. Each piece was made with sea mix clay and had either silver gray, black, or dark gray underglaze on them. Overall, I think these pieces were successful, I really liked how they turned out.


One thought on “Final Narrative

  1. Serina,
    Thank you for posting a very complete final narrative blog post. You should be so happy with the work you have completed this year. You have shown tremendous growth in your ceramic skills, and your work is very well done. You have a great signature style of clean and fresh designs. Nicely done~


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